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  • Pink Fantasy (PinkPan, PinkFan for short) debuted on Oct 24, 2018 with the single iriwa

  • The group is under Mydoll Entertainment

  • The group is apart of the MyDoll Girls Project (MDG) which a graduation-like system

  • Each member has had prior experience in the industry

  • Their current lineup consists of 5 members and a total of 3 subunits (SHY, MDD, SHADOW)

  • Each member has their own representative color

  • The members helped to create the storyline and lore of their group and often participate in behind the scenes work

  • The official fandom name is luvit

  • Two of the members are also members of MyBling, a collaboration project with Busters, MyDoll Girls, and Pink Fantasy



park heesun
jan 25, 2005
former positions: vocalist, maknae
• gummy lover
• bruce lee impressions
• taekwondo
• graduated from PF in oct of 2019 but is sometimes featured as a special guest
• member of MyDoll Girls with several other trainees
• also a member of MyBling, a collaboration project with Busters, MyDoll Girls, and Pink Fantasy


jo yubeen
oct 9, 1999
former positions: main dancer, lead vocalist
• tiny, very small yes
• booming vocals
• model, future actress
• close with other ggs members
• graduated from MDG in jun 2020
instagram: @yubeen_official_md
youtube: 해삐니스 (happiness)


kim heejung
jun 13, 1991
former positions: leader, lead rapper, vocalist, visual
• potterhead
• model, future actress, full time milf
• graduated from MDG in apr 2020
instagram:: @aini_official_md


lee sanga
aug 5, 1999
former positions: lead dancer, lead vocalist
• wap
• puppy lover
• freestyle dance queen
• departed from PF and Mydoll Ent in oct 2020 due to unknown reasons


  • the name SHY is the first letter of the girls’ names

  • first consisted of Seea Harin and Yubeen

  • debuted on Mar 25, 2019 with 12 O’Clock (12시야)



  • was a promotional unit for the group

  • first consisted of Harin, Arang, and Heesun

  • posted and performed various dance covers


  • first consisted of Seea Sanga Harin and Arang

  • debuted on July 14, 2019 with Shadow Play

iriwa ( 이리와 ) (2018)

  • debut single released on Oct 24, 2018

  • the music video has a scary, cute, and mysterious vibe

  • member Yubeen is not featured in the music video, but she can be heard on the song

  • view the Japanese version here

fantasy ( 판타지 ) (2019)

  • first comeback single released on Aug 5, 2019

  • the music video has a mysterious, gothic, and alluring vibe

  • it is the second song in their Alice in Wonderland series and describes the dangerous fantasy that Alice is trapped in

  • featured new member, SangA member. Heesun departed months after the release

  • view the performance video edited by Daewang here

playing house ( 소꿉장난 ) (2019)

  • digital single released Nov 8, 2019 along with a dance music video

  • a very upbeat dance track that tells the story of the seven dwarves imagining a life with Snow White through child’s play

  • member Yubeen is not present in the dance video as she was on hiatus during filming

  • view the dual performance of Fantasy and Playing House here


park yerim
Jan 22 2001
leader, main dancer, vocalist, rapper, maknae
unit: shadow
mybling member
• horse girl
• daewang’s #1 fan
• bread cheeks


the great king
dec 25, 2189
rapper, vocalist, face of the group
unit: n/a
• wiz*one
• vlogger
• has no business being so funny
• spectacular director & editor


kang eunyoung
aug 21, 1993
lead vocalist, main rapper
unit: shy, shadow
• duality professional
• makeup guru
• milf


kim yechan
nov 26, 1995
main vocalist
unit: mdd
• disney fanatic
• cat lover (but allergic)
• voice like honey
• aunt to Jjokko


park geunhye
may 26, 200
lead dancer, vocalist
unit: sugar powder, shadow
mybling member
• catgirl
• sweetheart
• tiktok famous
• master of the Pout™️